blog - double your cloud computingMost CEO’s, Presidents of Cloud companies that I have talked with don’t know how to do this – but it can be done. I’ve spoken to several C level executives that have accomplished it. Is it easy? No. It takes finding the perfect VP Sales who, after examining the numbers and sifting through data and where the skeletons are buried in your cloud startup, can see the potential in the raw materials.

If your company has just dog-paddled its way through a difficult year, you have no time to waste in getting a great VP Sales on board. The cloud computing industry is going to quadruple in size over the next 4 years.

Where will you find this strong candidate? What resources will your new VP Sales have to work with? You may not have time to bring in any new customers. I doubt you can change your product or competition. Your pricing, target customer, and target deal size is probably also static. Your best bet is to do as much as you can with the customers you already have.

You are going to have to make the most of every minute, so I’ve compiled a list of 5 things this VP must do immediately.

He is going to need to bring at least 2-3 new killer reps – proven closers – with him when he walks in the door on Day 1. These reps don’t necessarily have to have a great deal of product knowledge. They just need to know basic Cloud sales processes at your pricepoint – AND be expert closers.

Reconfiguring the sales team is the next order on the agenda. Your new VP Sales must be able to recognize talent and pinpoint the top producers. All precious leads must be routed to the closers. There simply isn’t time to waste them on slackers. As a matter of fact, getting rid of those who aren’t delivering should be your next move.

The super successful VPs of Sales that I know recognize that they just can’t do it all themselves. They know they are going to have to zero in on productivity by focusing on doubling and tripling the best of what they have. This guy is going to bring on board additional talent who can sell at 2-3x the rate of the former reps. I have used a Reverse Engineering Technique to bring this kind of talent along with existing deals to the table.

Since time is of the essence, one thing your VP Sales simply must do is forget about the pipeline as a metric. Pipeline doesn’t matter if it isn’t going to close. The focus needs to be on closing deals now.

Lastly, your previous sales team was probably struggling with, or running from, the competition. It’s time to put aside that mindset. The new VP will need to learn what he can or have come from the competition. It is vital that your VP Sales is able to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the team so that closing deals can be the primary focus. We have implemented a strategy for many clients to locate those VP of sales who can bring the top guns with existing deals by implementing our Hypergrowth Strategy. Getting a VP that can bring a team with him is of critical importance.

Chances are your time is limited to about 180 days. You will either sink or swim. And what this VP does will determine that.

It’s going to take a VP Sales with an immense amount of focus and cloud savvy who has broken his pick at other organizations so he doesn’t break it at yours. Since time is of the essence, you will need to find a way to infiltrate the competition. We have done this hundreds of times utilizing a Reverse Engineering Technique coupled with the lifetime Warranty Program that insures your success.

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