Founded in 1988, The Oxford Group is a leading independent executive search and equity firm with an international reputation. We primarily focus on the information Technology and Telecommunications sector specializing in the Cloud Space. We have worked with and placed over 6,500 candidates in senior level executive positions – the majority of these in Board and executive appointments, CEO, Sales Management, Sales Marketing and operational roles.

Lifetime Warranty—We focus on bulls-eye candidates. Research shows that the average cost of a failed executive hire is $2,700,000. We are the first to offer a Lifetime Warranty program to back up our service. Over 75% of our candidates are still with the same firm after 5 years. The majority of our engagements come from repeat business, recommendations, or referrals. (Learn More)

Helping You Earn Your Company Bonuses—Your goals are as important to us as they are to you. Our value is directly related to you hitting your numbers and earning your financial incentives. We are here 365 days a year to help advise you when you hit bumps in the road and provide strong Insider Track knowledge to move you toward your goals. Our unique reverse engineering approach is used to locate and secure pipelines of business—and the salesmen who control those pipelines—and bring them to your firm. Should there be a need to expand or replace salesmen in your sales force, our experience shows the reverse engineering approach to be a large part of both our success and the success of our clients. (Learn More)

Hypergrowth Strategy—We provide services that include a combination of mergers and acquisitions, VAR-building, and a reverse engineering approach to ramp up big revenue numbers. Oxford is the first to deploy this specialized program to recruit strategic sales personnel and distributors for startup companies. We took one company from $0 – $140,000,000 within its first year of operation. (Learn More)

Personal Representation Similar to an Athletic Agent— Cloud industry executives are in a rapidly-changing environment and need agents as much as professional athletes do. Oxford’s statistics show that 89% of executives we represented were more satisfied with the actual process and their final employment package rather than flying solo. Closing deals is an art. We blend it with science to bring the desired results to both parties. The Oxford Group has several years’ experience in successfully handling complicated negotiations for both executives and the companies pursuing them. Most companies believe that hooking the whale is what search firms do—BUT we believe that landing the whale in the boat is much more important – a unique expertise that Oxford brings to the table. (Learn More)

Stealth Reverse Search—We are the first to create a program that allows executives to systematically pursue opportunities in their niche on a completely confidential basis. We provide a unique blend of confidential power presentations coupled with our targeted email campaigns that create opportunities and uncover potential openings before they hit the street. 60% of Oxford’s placements are the result of representing high-powered executives with this approach. (Learn More)

Turnaround ManagementThe Oxford Group customizes its recruitment and outsourcing programs for everything from small start-ups / incubator companies, to billion dollar companies that require more results with fewer resources. We have successfully recruited CEO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents, sales personnel, and technical personnel to give our clients the horsepower they require to achieve success. We also handle temporary C-level assignments, sales consulting, management consulting, outplacement and compensation strategies. We take a different approach to these appointments and are a results-driven firm that prefers to partner with our clients to share the success together. (Learn More)

Board Advisory Services—The increasing responsibility and liability of director appointments makes this an important issue. Personal references are not enough. We have a variety of resources to assist decision making by Boards and, most notably, by the CEO. Our CEO advisory services include linking CEO’s together from noncompetitive industries who can meet regularly and share issues and advice. (Learn More)

Acquisition Recruitment—We find what you are looking for. We can help you prepare for a merger or acquisition using our innovative Insider Track. We locate the specific type of companies that you may be looking to acquire through our thousands of executive contacts – often before word hits the street that these companies are available. (Learn More)

Merger / Acquisition Strategy ApproachCompany + Executive + Hypergrowth Strategy = 3x Increased Revenue. We are the first to blend all three methodologies to ensure the growth of the acquisition after the transaction. We utilize our unique approach to locating a company, then locating an executive with a proven track record who can scale the acquisition to 3x its size, then package the company and the executive with our hypergrowth strategy of sales force recruitment to triple the revenue of the acquisition in 1-2 years. We work diligently to locate companies before they are pre-IPO or picked up by investment banking firms. Oxford then quietly positions and merges them before other companies or the street has an opportunity to hear about it. (Learn More)

$200,000,000 Currently Available for Acquisitions—We have a partner who believes in our Merger/Acquisition approach and can spend up to $200,000,000 per acquisition providing they have good ebitda. We also welcome other financial partners who are interested in joining with us on our unique acquisition approach. (Learn More)

Sales Force Recruitment Strategy— First impressions are everything. A weak presentation to a potential recruit can tarnish the employer’s image on the street and their ability to hire that potential recruit now or at some point in the future. Oxford spends considerable effort on crafting a presentation that will excite any potential recruit. More importantly, this message is a positive advertising broadcast of how fantastic your organization is and where you are headed. Oxford has an extremely high success rate of recruiting any candidate we talk to and arranging a phone meeting between the employer and that candidate. (Learn More)

Reverse Engineering—We use our reverse engineering to zero in on sales people that can make an immediate impact on the revenue stream of our clients. We then go recruit those salesmen for you. Oxford has teams that can infiltrate any firm and personally talk to every salesperson in that firm to uncover pipelines of revenue and salesmen that are available to be transitioned to our client firms. We also put teams on the potential new customers that our client would like to target and we uncover what salesmen these firms are currently buying from. (Learn More)

From the CEO:

CEO David Jackson

David Jackson graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology.  He started his career working for two Fortune 500 companies achieving Rookie of the Year status in Sales at both companies.

David has over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur and sales management executive increasing shareholder value by turning around underperforming companies while developing large volumes of sales revenues at the same time. He has been involved in several technology start-ups including reinventing microencapsulated printing which was controlled solely by 3M at that time. Other startups included building a telecom distributor with a run rate equal to the 4th largest distributor for the 7th fastest growing company in the USA ranked by Forbes Magazine.

He moved to the merger acquisition sector and achieved his entire year’s quota in his first 3 months. Over the course of his career he has handled many turnarounds including repositioning a closed-captioning technology company during the change in governmental laws and regulations in this sector.

Over the course of his career he has handled many turnarounds including repositioning a closed-captioning technology company during the change in governmental laws and regulations in this sector.

Prior to founding The Oxford Group, David worked as an executive recruiter for Metacor. He was the #1 executive recruiter globally at the time he left Metacor and founded The Oxford Group in 1988. David also has served as President and Vice President of two of the three major recruiter associations in the southwest.

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