1The Oxford Group has pioneered a new approach to Recruiting: Professional Personal Representation of a candidate similar to the sports agent for professional athletes.

Oxford works with C-Level Executives to represent them through their entire 30 year career.

We provide a concierge style of service in the form of counsel, industry insight, and coaching,

We assist at top-grading your current staff at their current positions at the same time to ensure bonus attainment.

Oxford also manages and procures the approximate 5 job changes in your career. We realized many years ago that there was a demand for this service, but nothing was available.

Oxford provides this service free of charge with the understanding that Oxford shall handle all introductions to all companies for the executive with Oxford’s remuneration provided by fees paid by the employer. Oxford realized that they could have 1,500 companies as clients, or they could represent 1,500 Rock Star C-Level Executives (20% of them switch jobs every year.) The executive can realize the same advantages from the recruiter as the athlete does from his or her sports agent.

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Stealth Reverse Search

Professional Agents

“I am very impressed with The Stealth Reverse Search program at The Oxford Group. David Jackson utilized this approach (at no cost to me) and obtained me 10 interviews in a very short period of time resulting in four companies that wanted to hire me. None of these companies had an opening. This unique reverse engineering approach is really amazing! The Oxford Group has figured out a way to create job opportunities within a targeted list of companies where no opening existed. What I really liked about this was that I was not going on cattle calls with 15 other sales executives vying for one position. The Oxford Group created this approach which allows me to interview and go through the hiring process with no other person competing with me for the job.   I really appreciated The Oxford Group’s effort and the advice given to me along the process.  CEO, David Jackson’s counsel was dead on accurate and valuable.  I couldn’t be happier with my mid six figure annual earnings potential and recommend this to anybody that needs to maintain their confidentiality.”                                                                                                                               Scott Bradey  CenturyLink


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