Core Team that built the first commercially available cloud with $500,000,000 in revenues is available for permanent hire for $820,000. They can repeat this process with your company.

This core team of 14 consists of Chief Engineers, Chief Architects, Security Solution Engineers, Cloud Solution Engineers and Architects and Senior Product Management. You can secure all or part of this team depending on your needs.

The cloud they built was purchased by a major telecom company.

  • After the purchase, they managed the complete build-out of a virtual cloud environment in the telecom company reducing their footprint by $100 million in operational expense including software and hardware maintenance, telecommunications , power , data center space, security and people resources.
  • They also turned this cloud Subject peration into a consulting services division and generated an additional $500,000,000 in new revenue both in enterprise and commercial sectors.
  • They have also built from an engineering prospective, a manage services division for another major telecom company that grew an additional $150,000,000 in revenues.
  • This team also built out the identity and access management business and grew revenues from $35,000,000 to $100,000,000 in 3 years.
  • They currently can build out any size cloud that requires virtual computing, virtual storage, virtual networking capacity management and identity and access management (IAM).
  • They can manage run and operate the entire cloud program.
  • They have extensive expertise in information security – specifically identity and access management.
  • This team is available for permanent hire, consulting, sales generation including meeting with enterprise or commercial customers to assist with the closing of any enterprise wide cloud system.
  • They can handle product management including creating products and services , product marketing , sales enablement including training tools for sales . They can also implement delivery and support.
  • They can build out your entire cloud system for your company and than create a consulting practice from scratch which could produce $10,000,000 in revenues ts first year for your company.

The referral number is 9412.