Individual in the USA who controls $50,000,000 of patient engagement technology and service contracts that will be signing between now and May

His current company was purchased and has moved in a different direction which conflicts with his solution style approach.

He has 15 year personal relationships with the decision makers .who are waiting for him to select his new company.

I have verified that he is for real with a well respected individual in this space.

He also […]

Core Team that Built the First Commercial Cloud with $500MM in Revenues is Available for Permanent hire for $820,000! They can do it again!

Core Team that built the first commercially available cloud with $500,000,000 in revenues is available for permanent hire for $820,000. They can repeat this process with your company.

This core team of 14 consists of Chief Engineers, Chief Architects, Security Solution Engineers, Cloud Solution Engineers and Architects and Senior Product Management. You can secure all […]

European Sales Business unit $109MM in revenue for sale for $750K! Contracts in Big Data, Analytics, SaaS, CRM, IaaS, Cyberspace & Security

European Sales Business unit with $109,000,000 in revenue available for sale for $750,000!!! Sales Contracts are in Big Data, Analytics, SaaS, CRM, IaaS, Cyberspace and Security

European sales team and a Sales Leader currently on the market! They are looking for a new home for $414 million of contracts that are going to close in […]