blog - when to say yes or noThe Oxford Group is a pioneer in the Cloud Market Place. We have been communicating, or conducting business, with over 16,000 VARS, OEMs and Software Manufacturers, Iaas, SaaS, and PaaS. Our network is one of the strongest in the industry. We also have access to Private Equity funds in excess of $200,000,000 for any one purchase based on ebitda.

Our approach is simple and innovative: Find good technology. Package it with an executive in our network who has a track record of scaling businesses to three times their size. Provide the recruiting arm to build the VAR network or recruit the top 10% of the salesman with $3,000,000-$80,000,000 in their sales pipeline directly out of the competitors. This innovative packaged approach gives your company a better opportunity to merge.

Innovators and first to market with:

  1. Insider Track – We communicate with 70,000 executives in 16,000 companies regularly.
  2. $200,000,000 available for any one purchase. We look to directly purchase companies with our partners and provide the recruitment to triple their sales for the exit strategy.
  3. We locate companies before they go to investment bankers or brokers. This allows acquisitions to move forward without having to compete against other entities or outside influences.
  4. Innovators in Acquisition – We were the first to engage high level executives to locate companies as acquisition targets. We Have 100’s of executives feeding us acquisition and merger targets. They are on the street and usually are the first to hear. We put them in charge to manage the company if we are successful in completing the acquisition. Alternatively, we give them a commission for locating the company if their background is not a suitable fit to run the company or work in the organization.

If you are thinking about merging or acquiring companies in the cloud, IaaS, SaaS or PaaS sectors, consult with The Oxford Group first. Our approach is to locate companies that are pre-IPO and pre-investment banker, then quietly position, merge, or acquire them before the street knows they are available. Our innovative Insider Track coupled with packaging an executive with a scalable track record along with our VAR and salesmen recruitment arm.

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