Chess_-_strategic_board_game_for_two_players1Some cloud sales organizations work. They meet their goals and their employees are fully engaged and content with their jobs. However, Oxford’s research in the cloud industry indicates that only 1 out of 4 companies actually meets those criteria. The Oxford Group helps its clients improve performance and make their sales organizations better places to work by ensuring the entire organizational system is aligned with, and on target to meet, the company’s goals.

Only about 10% of cloud companies experience sustainable, profitable growth, and out of those, 90% are leaders in their core business. Oxford’s hypergrowth strategy can be customized to scale your business to reach its full economic potential while aggressively pursuing the agreed upon recommendations to integrate either a sales force, a VAR distribution strategy or a merger/acquisition strategy.

The Oxford Group works with cloud clients to develop a strong strategy, to help you make decisions about how to achieve the greatest competitive advantage, and ultimately create flexible priorities that produce results at the front line.

Strategy + Goals + Choices = Results

Oxford’s goal is to rapidly create a customized revenue growth program that will put you ahead of the competition and help you not just meet, but exceed, your goals.

How do we do this?

Strategies: The Oxford Group specializes in developing customizing cloud strategies for your company’s competitive position (including leadership economics), customer insights, and outlook in this constantly-evolving world of cloud technology.

Goals: The Oxford Group consists of a team of experts designed to help you set goals to achieve the sustained, profitable growth you need. In our ever-changing technological cloud industry, this only occurs when your organization is performing at its maximum potential as the result of a C-level executives who seek to build and sustain impeccable vertical alignment with the company’s goals, VPs that are focused on building and maintaining teams of top cloud sales producers, and a sales force of top guns.

Choices: The Oxford Group specializes in helping its clients strategize, evaluate risk, and determine the best course of action based on their organization’s core goals and objectives.

Real Results

Oxford’s hybrid approach takes into consideration current trends in this ever-changing Cloud industry and blends it with the facets of traditional change management that still work. Since the majority of major change efforts have a history of failure, Oxford’s approach to sustainable results helps clients overcome the odds stacked against them. With so many moving parts, clients appreciate The Oxford Group’s expertise and assistance when it comes to focusing on evaluation, prediction, measurement and management of the numerous risks associated with change. You will see the benefit of having The Oxford Group as a cloud industry expert partner to help instigate these real results in your company.



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