Stealth reverse search3Approximately 98% of all executive search companies work the traditional method of developing accounts by recruiting talent for these accounts. At Oxford, we work two ways. The traditional method AND an innovative approach that we have used in 60% of our placements over the last 20 years. We call it Stealth Reverse Search.

Companies are always hiring whether they have an opening or not. Our approach culminates in either a position being created for you or someone is let go to make room for your talents. The best positions never make it to the outside world publicly. It is much easier to terminate an underperforming executive if the new executive is on the doorstep ready to start.

Benefits to You

  • You are not going on cattle calls competing with 20 other candidates for a position.
  • You are competing strictly against yourself and your chemistry with the executives.
  • You are interviewing for potential positions that have not hit the street.
  • You have what we term “first right of refusal” before the opportunity is opened up to the masses.

We Work for You

  • We will provide our specialized FAB (Feature-Accomplishment-Benefit) package that will assist you in uncovering all of your hidden talents.
  • We convert them into metric-driven accomplishments that will capture the attention of Board Members, CEOs, Presidents and Executive Vice Presidents.
  • We will target a list of companies to market and create phone conversations with key executives in the companies selected. We have found that phone conversations (not phone interviews) are the key to our Stealth Reverse Approach.
  • We assist you in transitioning from a phone conversations to a face to face meeting. 60% of our placements come from creating a position or replacing underperforming positions.

This Stealth approach is excellent for positioning you with high-level executives. Our power presentation is coupled with marketing you in our tri-monthly e-marketing campaign. This allows the targeted companies to be aware of a confidential opportunity to quietly interview an executive that has not put his or her name on the street. Oxford has found that most companies want to be the first to the talk to a high-caliber candidate that the market has not seen. This approach is not for everyone, and we do not take on every candidate that is interested.

“I am very impressed with The Stealth Reverse Search program at The Oxford Group. David Jackson utilized this approach (at no cost to me) and obtained me 10 interviews in a very short period of time resulting in four companies that wanted to hire me. None of these companies had an opening. This unique reverse engineering approach is really amazing! The Oxford Group has figured out a way to create job opportunities within a targeted list of companies where no opening existed. What I really liked about this was that I was not going on cattle calls with 15 other sales executives vying for one position. The Oxford Group created this approach which allows me to interview and go through the hiring process with no other person competing with me for the job.   I really appreciated The Oxford Group’s effort and the advice given to me along the process.  CEO, David Jackson’s counsel was dead on accurate and valuable.  I couldn’t be happier with my mid six figure annual earnings potential and recommend this to anybody that needs to maintain their confidentiality.”                                                                                                                               Scott Bradey  CenturyLink

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