Optimized-herd-of-elephantsThe increasing responsibility and liability of director appointments makes this an important issue. Personal references are not enough.

As a result, The Oxford Group has a large network to locate individuals who are willing and competent to serve in various Board capacities.

We have a variety of resources to assist decision making by Boards and, most notably, by the CEO. Our CEO advisory services include linking CEO’s together from noncompetitive industries who can meet regularly and share issues and advice.

We also provide Board Services for:

  • Outside Director Search and Recruitment
  • Board Assessment (Individual and/or Group Assessment)
  • Board Training & Development
  • Board HRIS (Litigation Mitigation)
  • Strategic & Succession Planning
  • Reference Checking & Board Compensation
  • Merger & Acquisition Consulting
  • Change Management & Outplacement
  • Leadership Audits & Evaluations
  • Turnaround Management


For more information call 214 360 4000 or  email us at info@theoxfordgroup.net.

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