Diane Greene will lead Google’s Enterprise Cloud Business as the company looks to compete with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft.

VMware (VMW) co-founder and former chief executive Diane Greene has been chosen to lead Google’s (GOOG) enterprise cloud business, the company announced earlier this month.

As Senior Vice President of Google’s Enterprise Business, Greene will focus on utilizing Google’s proprietary technology to create cloud services that can be built into corporate applications, according to The New York Times.

Green’s appointment is the first step in Google and parent company Alphabet’s new strategy to stake a claim in the lucrative enterprise cloud space and compete with industry giant Amazon (AMZN). Greene, who has served as a member of Google’s board of directors since 2012, is expected to help Google make a name for itself among enterprise users and grow market awareness for the company’s business-centric cloud solutions, according to the Times.

Although Google has been a player in the enterprise cloud market for some time, company executives have focused on building out its consumer-facing offerings, with the enterprise business often viewed as an “add-on” to its primary focus. However, with Greene taking the reins of the business, this could be the start of a more enterprise-centric Google, and one in which enterprise customers are viewed as a serious source of profit, the Times said.

In addition to her hire as the head of its enterprise cloud business, Google has also agreed to purchase Bebop Technologies, Green’s start-up, which builds software development technology for writing cloud applications. No financial details on the acquisition were provided, but Google CEO Sundar Pichai said Bebop’s acquisition will allow Google to provide a host of integrated cloud products for its end user platforms and infrastructure, as well as for its developer frameworks and applications.

Greene will continue to serve as a member of Google’s board of directors in addition to her new role leading the company’s enterprise cloud business.

It remains to be seen whether Google can rise to the challenge of competing with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft (MSFT) in the enterprise cloud space, but if the company’s success in basically everything else is an indicator of how determined Google can be, you can count on seeing some pretty interesting enterprise offerings from Greene and her team in the near future.