Ford Conference Center

March 5th, 2015 | Dearborn, MI

Who Should Attend?

This conference provides an opportunity for various professionals and students from the Healthcare and Information Technology industries to get together and understand how the field of Healthcare Informatics is utilized to further improve the Healthcare sector. Furthermore, it provides attendees an excellent chance to network with top Healthcare and IT executives that will be converging from across the country.

Past attendees included:

– Physicians

– Healthcare Informatics Professionals

– Pharmaceutical Company Professionals, Researchers

– Home Health Agency Owners, Professionals

– Health IT Vendors

– Physician Assistants

– Nurse Informatics Professionals

– Healthcare Industry Software Engineers, Developers, Designers

– Students (Health Informatics, IT, Medicine, Public Health)

Learn From Sessions Like


  • Harness the Power of  Big Data in Treatment Research
  • TeleHealth on patient-centric Healthcare
  • Protecting Healthcare Data
  • Healthcare’s Big Data Future: Bright, But Challenging !
  • Beyond Big Data: Mining Content for Business Value in Healthcare
  • Patient Care Improvement Through Data and Analytics
  • 360 Degree View of the Patient