CEO Position available

CEO Position


Game-Changing Initiatives with Top Cloud Partners - Individual will be responsible for developing well thought out business cases for new partnering/ investment decisions based on white-space analysis and market trends. Evaluate and Execute Strategic Partnerships - Individual will advise and make recommendations to the Executive Team on how to enhance company’s presence with large global technology players, in particular, telcos, network equipment manufacturers, cloud service providers, mobile device manufacturers, and M2M/iOT players. Partnership Incubation & Ramp-Up - Individual will be responsible for developing and managing a portfolio of Partners and will implement a Partner coverage model and best practices tools to drive go-to-market. Governance and Leadership - Individual will take a leadership role in ensuring that best-in-class business management processes are in place, and will identify and implement changes to improve its performance.

To meet these responsibilities, the individual must demonstrate the following:

  • Think strategically and act on ideas.
  • Negotiate/execute Partnership Deals.
  • Generate compelling business cases.
  • Effectively communicate and sell his/her ideas to the Executive Team.
  • Work effectively in a team environment and develop creative alternatives Knowledge - Strong understanding of Cloud, especially Mobility products and solutions, partners, markets and competition.
  • Strong knowledge of best business practices and financial analysis tools.
  • Skills - Capable of leading a team of high-potential individuals.
  • Demonstrated ability to drive change and to influence the organization.
  • Strong interpersonal and presentation skills. Attributes - Strategic thinker who is solution oriented and driven to close on opportunities in close cooperation with others.
  • Highly analytical.
  • Brings a high level of integrity and confidence, and is positive and flexible.

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