enterprise-appsworld_1_jpg_250x160_q8517th Jun 14 – 18th Jun 14

Olympia National, London , London

Enterprise Apps World will be a two day show that will look at all the implication of going mobile in the workplace, and how enterprise apps can help. With BYOD an increasing challenge in terms of privacy, security and manageability BYOD is set to be a big theme of the show as CIOs struggle with the challenges that a move from a previously strongly controlled, locked down IT environment to one where they often have limited, if any, control or knowledge of. Management of this environment can be a tough enough job since the mobile user may be using anything from a corporate owned device, a BYOD device or a smartphone or tablet personal to the user and therefore completely out of the knowledge field of the CIO. The building of enterprise apps store is increasingly a focus for businesses looking to regain this level of control. Couple this with the challenge of building enterprise applications that work cohesively across such a range of varying devices, environments and operating systems and it’s no surprise that a show like Enterprise Apps World is needed to make sense of it all.

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