We take satisfaction from being our clients most trusted advisor. We offer The Oxford Group Insider Track which gives you the horsepower, speed and up to date information to make the best decision for your new executive hire.

The Oxford Group Retained Search allows you the competitive edge of allowing us to work methodically and systematically leaving no stone unturned.

We have teams that will handle:

Preliminary Preparation

Target lists will be prepared and cross referenced to identify areas where special consideration is required such as partner companies or sensitive personal relationships with previous co-workers. We will work with you to identify the challenges for the position and the goals and objectives. Marketing and presentation materials will be compiled by our research teams and presented to the client for review before any candidates are approached.

Research and identification

The research team will begin the process of identifying the candidates in what we term our “long list” through industry mapping, leveraging the Oxford Group’s extensive database and and Insider Track Network. The team will also assist the client if they wish to use paid advertising.

Interviewing and Screening

The interview and screening process will run simultaneously after the identification of candidates. Our goal is to identify a short list of qualified executives that are capable of accomplishing the goals and objectives . Our Candidates will only be introduced if they are meet the critical requirements of the position.

Reference Checks

Reference checks on the finalist candidate(s) will be conducted either by us or by you depending on your preferred method.

Offer Letter Negotiation

The Oxford Group does not extend offers that do not get accepted. We willl work with you to insure a successful account to any offer that you would like to present. We will mediate between the candidate and you where necessary to ensure acceptance of the offer letter negotiations.

Resignation and Delivery

We take all executives through our resignation program to ensure that counteroffers do not get accepted. We will maintain communications before during and after the start date with the candidate to resolve any outstanding issues during the on boarding process.