blog - hiring the right vpYour organization needs the right type of VP of Sales based on the stage of growth of your company. There are four basic types of VP of Sales based on the four stages of Accounting Rate of Return (ARR) that can enhance – or hinder – your company’s growth. (The accounting rate of return (ARR) is a simple estimate of a project’s or investment’s profitability that subtracts money invested from returns without regard to interest accrual or applicable taxes.)

Without the right combination, your company may very well waste valuable time and money attempting to meet your sales goals.

Just because someone is charismatic and can close numerous deals does not mean he or she is capable of building a sales team that will meet the goals at the current growth stage of your organization.

How can you be certain you are hiring the best person for this position?

Here are my criteria based on talking to hundreds of C level Executives.

Producer VP: This person captures your immediate attention and is able to sell based primarily on his ability to talk to everyone he meets. His creativity and charisma makes him quite likeable. The problem is, while he can sell, he lacks the ability to build and scale a strong sales team. Over 85% of the time, this will have been a mis-hire and cost your company considerable time and resources. I am working a Stealth Reverse Search for a VP of Sales right now who’s specialty is scaling businesses of any size up to over a billion dollars. He is not the one you want to go close deals like the Producer If this sounds familiar, you may need to make this person your VP of Business Development and hire a different person as VP of Sales once you hit $1-$2M in ARR.

Repeater VP: If you have a few customers, a few leads, a micro brand, and a handful of reps – but you are stuck without knowing where to go from there – this person will know what to do. He knows how to close, hire, and recruit and has done this before. I have worked with this style of VP many times. He has figured out the formula for replication of the process and gets a rush from this process and watching the results grow from $1M to $2M…to $10M+. This person can’t hide behind presentations, data, or other people’s work – so finding a person who has done this can actually be quite difficult. If you do find this person, definitely keep him.

Make-it-Big: Over 90% of these people won’t be capable of doing what the Repeater can do. Because he may be coming into the company with $10-$20M in ARR, this person will understand the process of hiring the right people, making field sales work, creating an out-bound insides sales team and, and working with the VP of Marketing to ensure solid lead generation. You will be best to find someone who has already gone through this phase with another organization. Finding this person can be tricky and you will benefit by using our Reverse Engineering Technique to find this cat.

Manager of Managers: This is a unique individual. You won’t hire him to get to $2M, $10M, or $20M. He just doesn’t flourish in that arena. This guy looks impressive in a suit, he wows your board with presentation after presentation, and he can meet with managers all day long. He is constantly plagued with questions about dashboards, resources, budgets, hiring, firing, and eliminating the bottom 20%. However, unless this person has experience getting to the $20M mark, you are most likely wasting your time by hiring him to help you get there.

This is kind of like cutting wood without making a mistake. Measure twice and cut once. It is critical to consult with someone that has worked and understands the different stages of growth and the different styles so that you do not create a misfire when procuring a VP of Sales.

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