blog - over 65 percent of your cloud computing sales repIn my conversations with VPs of Sales – especially those in big data companies and cloud computing companies – a common complaint is that nearly 70% of the cloud sales reps aren’t pulling their own weight – the top producers are doing more than their fair share of the work. These top performers have figured out how the sales process works, and they can replicate it time and again. Although they are always looking for an edge, they probably aren’t going to improve much since they are already giving their best. So, what can you do about the large percentage of sales reps that are lagging behind?

Successful Cloud VPs of Sales know that the best ROI of sales training is focusing is on the B-players. These guys already have the basic skills in place, and they aren’t in the sales arena by accident. A few were probably even in that top 20% at one time. While some lack experience, most probably have the attitude and determination to succeed.

A slight shift in the middle can have a huge impact on the bottom line in the Cloud space. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say your goal is to increase revenues by 10%. If you try to push the top performers who are already producing around 70% of the sales revenue, you would expect them to increase performance by 33%. The odds are your top performers won’t do that. BUT, if you focus on the other guys – the ones who are bringing in the other 30% of revenue – you would expect them to increase performance by 14%. This is much more do-able.

It would be difficult to get top performers to produce any more than they currently are, BUT if focusing training on the B-players can improve performance by 15-20%, then “moving the middle” is definitely the way to go. I have created a Lifetime Warranty Program for our clients that insures the Topgrading of your sales team.

Let us help. The Oxford Group is here to assist you in building a successful sales force. Contact us at:, by phone at 214 360 4000, or schedule an appointment at to discuss how we can be of service to you.

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