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9 Qualities of a Great Cloud Sales Leader

I have talked with hundreds of cloud computing executives about challenges they face when hiring Sales leaders. There is a huge difference between being a leader and being a manager. I have compiled a list of important qualities to look for when bringing a new leader on board. These are characteristics that great leaders possess – and things that managers often overlook. While this is not an exhaustive list, it is a solid start.

Great Cloud Computing leaders:

  1. Help others become leaders –Our industry is changing so rapidly that many times cloud sales managers forget that they should be grooming others to be leaders. A true leader will invest in helping others learn how to lead.
  1. Create an atmosphere of excellence – Managers are sometimes so busy micromanaging the cloud sales team that they overlook the fact that it is up to them to establish an environment of integrity for the sales team. True leaders set the bar high in such a way that others will follow suit even when their leader is not present.
  1. Encourage others – Due to the nature of the beast, cloud computing sales can be a negative environment do to the constantly changing forces and moving targets. A true leader recognizes that a real cloud computing revolution is underway and will provide constructive criticism, but at the same time build others up so everyone is motivated to focus and contribute to reap the rewards in this cloud industry that will be growing from $55 billion to $200 billion in the next four years.
  1. Listen and seek input – I have seen some cloud sales managers who are so busy trying to prove themselves that they forget to take into account the resources right in front of them. A true leader keeps an open door and seeks input from others both within – and outside of – their organization.
  1. Invest time developing people – A common mistake cloud sales managers make is to be so focused on numbers that they forget the importance of sharpening the skills of their cloud sales team. A leader recognizes that people are the heartbeat of their organization, and they demonstrate this by investing in the development of their people. The Oxford Group is very close to the street in this rapidly evolving cloud industry and can provide seminars and reverse engineering techniques to hiring the top cloud sales performers to help you in this area.
  1. Know their employees’ strengths – Some cloud sales managers fail to realize that by properly utilizing the strengths – and encouraging growth in areas of weakness – of individuals on their cloud sales team, they can create a more successful team. True leaders show an interest in helping their sales guys utilize their strengths, and improve on weaknesses, to increase their value to the organization.
  1. Plan, act on that plan, and focus on the goal – This is simple, but sometimes overlooked by cloud sales managers who are considering short-term, but not long-term goals due to the speed in which the cloud industry is changing. Leaders keep their eye on the goal and don’t allow anything to divert their attention.
  1. Live a life of integrity and are genuine people – Inconsistency in words and actions can damage the trust and cohesiveness of a good cloud computing sales team, while leading by example sets a tone that others are likely to follow. Leaders understand the importance of being consistent in both words and actions, both at work and in their personal lives.
  1. Continue to learn – I cannot emphasize this point enough. I spoke last week on the education in the cloud industry both to the cloud sales force and to the customers and potential customers. Education of the customer to make decisions to purchase is the biggest challenge facing our industry. Cloud Sales Managers sometimes forget that they need to constantly stay up on the latest in the cloud computing industry. Great leaders look for opportunities to learn something new every day and know when to share relevant knowledge with their team.

If you are looking to hire an C level executive or sales manager who is also a great leader, The Oxford Group can help. Our expert knowledge and experience in the industry has led to the creation of our unique Reverse Engineering and Hypergrowth programs to procure you the top sales guns to avoid misfires.

The Oxford Group is here to assist you in hiring exemplary employees for your organization. Contact us at:, 214 360 4000 or schedule an appointment at to discuss your challenges and several ways we can assist you to solve them.

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