blog - why you havent hired the rightI have talked with many CEOs who are looking to hire a VP of Sales. Finding the ideal fit for your organization, and avoiding a mis-hire, can be challenging. That is one of the many reasons I created The Oxford Group’s unique Reverse Engineering Strategy.

When matching experience to fit, I always consider:

Which candidate is most successful at handling your type of business model? Whether you need a VP of Sales who has handled more in-bound sales or out-bound sales, hiring a VP of Sales that fits your primary business model is crucial.

Which VP has the most experience with Competitive Sales? If your market is highly competitive, the VP of Sales you hire needs to thrive when competing in that arena. If you are recruiting from other companies, consider, for example, that a VP of Sales who comes out of a environment might be great at closing, upselling, driving up a deal size, or convincing companies to purchase something that might not be launched for 6-12 months, but this guy may not be your best choice since your market may not necessarily compete with Microsoft, Oracle, etc. in a winner-takes-all fashion.

Which candidate has the most experience with your company’s deal sizes? I also consider his or her experience with regard to all-commodity volume (ACV) for the majority of SaaS companies. Does the guy you are considering hiring have the most experience with an ACV of $1-9K, $10-90K, or $100K+? Whatever the size of the organization, it is crucial that he or she be a proper fit for your largest customer base.

In addition to CEOs, sales personnel and technical personnel, we have successfully recruited and placed the right VP of Sales using a recruitment approach to avoid misfires to give our clients the horsepower they require to achieve success. A mishire can costs the average Cloud company approximately $3,500,000 in cost and lost revenue. The Oxford Group has created a lifetime warranty strategy on cloud salesman that are hired to assist cloud computing companies with their growth and budget challenges.

I have worked with many executives in overcoming their challenges in reaching their goals both in their current roles and the next move in their career. As a senior executive if you have thought about a job change, our Stealth Reverse Search could be your ticket to that new leading edge technology company.

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